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Welcome to Gemini zone, I'm blogging about your epic zodiac sign Gemini. Learn, pickup and share basic information, here at Gemini Zone.


Gemini and Gemini - When two Gemini’s come together, they’ll have fun arguments over simple stuff. They’ll talk about any and everything for the longest and will laugh over the stupidest things ever. This can be one of the best combinations!

Gemini and Aquarius - When these two come together, they’ll talk about any and everything, not a normal conversation, but will literally talk until they can’t. Aquarius will be the one coming up with all the crazy ideas, only leaving the Gemini to attempt to try, just for the fun of it. It’ll be a bond no other could compare to!

Gemini and Libra - When these two come together, they’ll be the ones to gossip about drama, just for the fun of it. The Gemini would be the type to call the Libra’s ex asking questions, while the Libra on the other line listening on mute. One of those sneaky; but fun combinations!